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The Me in the Chair


I once heard someone liken choosing a therapist to picking out a car. You must know what kind of car you want and even take a test drive to judge if it's a good fit. I encourage you to do the same in your search for a mental health provider. Every therapist is not for everyone. Although we have similar educations and training, we do not all practice the same. That is not only OK, it's expected. We all follow the same ethical and legal guidelines but are as different as the chairs we sit in. In school, they called this the "Use of Self." We use our personalities, experiences, and insights in our work. Our unique outlooks, along with those of the clients, are what makes therapy successful.

A dirty little not-so-secret secret of how therapy "works" is that the relationship between the client and the therapist IS the secret sauce. Do you like one another? Do you respect one another? Do you feel your therapist "gets" you? That connection of feeling heard and seen by others lays the foundation for change, growth, and healing. 


I'm the first to say I won't get everyone, and everyone will certainly not get me. My silly (corny) sense of humor or overuse of metaphors and style may not suit you, but that is certainly OK. I hope you find someone who is the right match for you and your needs. 


In my chair, you'll find a therapist sensitive to the fact that it might have taken a ton of courage to enter the room—a therapist interested in your story. A therapist committed to joining you where you are in your struggles. Most importantly, I'm ready to help you get where you want to be. I'm thinking of you when I don't see you. I might be rereading notes of our time together, researching, or learning new tools that could benefit you. Becoming a better me for you, my client.


I will never forget when another therapist said, "They can pay you for your craft but can't pay you to care."

Most therapists genuinely care. I care. I'm invested in your well-being and betterment and want you to find meaning in your life and relieve pain. I find meaning in mine with the honor of joining you from the chair across the room, corny humor and all.




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