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The Juice Ain’t Worth the Squeeze 


I had never heard this particular saying until a friend used it in conversation. She was referring to the headache (the squeeze) she would have to deal with to ask for childcare help (the juice) from a family member. 

The saying made me giggle and sounded relevant to the therapy setting and our daily choices. We must constantly negotiate through this complex world, deciding if the juice we want is worth the squeeze we don't want.

We must know ourselves enough to know when enough is enough. We all have a limited amount of energy, resources, and time. Women, in particular, have a harder time saying “no” and have people-pleasing tendencies (we can save that for another conversation). It's helpful to have a good embodied sense of self not to waste effort on a fruitless venture. 

I encourage you, dear friend, to protect your energy and time. Walking away is okay if the juice isn’t worth the squeeze. 




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